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Small Cup of Chai with Founders

The Punchaiyat is a quick service restaurant chain started by 3 MBA professionals aiming to take India's most loved and oldest culture of Chai to new heights that is fading and overtaken by imported coffee.

What we feel about CHAI?

Chai is not just a beverage but an emotion that connects every family member to sit together and talk, it's a happy place where you can sit with your friends and chill. It's a part of corporate that gives you a place where you can gossip and bitch about your boss in a light way. Punchaiyat is set up with an ambience of providing a cosy and comfortable environment to every person irrespective of their pocket size to sit with their friends or family and enjoy every sip of tea without worrying about the bill.

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To deliver Value and ofcourse, CHAI

Punchaiyat believes that every person should have the right to taste the quality of branded products at affordable prices and hence we say brands can be reasonable too. We encourage you to come and start your punchaiyati.


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