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Where is CHAI in Noida?

The Punchaiyat is also present in the IT park of Noida. Noida is one of the best few planned cities of India followed by chandigarh. Noida is a rapidly growing city and many corporate offices and factories are shifting to Noida. Soon Asia’s largest airport is also going to be operating in this city. Since corporates are coming to Noida, Punchaiyat also decided to mark its presence in the IT park of this beautiful green city.

Why Punchaiyat in Noida?

The purpose of setting up a punchaiyat in the IT park is to cater the craving of the employees for chai after working a long time in the offices. Usually employees are provided with the tea and coffee machines in the offices but we know how it tastes and why they are unutilised most of the time therefore the employee group left the premises and stood somewhere out and stood near the tea stall where they can have chai and light their cigarette.

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What Punchaiyat Delivers?

Now the question is where is the need of the punchaiyat? Well there are two major reasons- Unauthorised tea stalls are not allowed to set up inside the IT parks. Tea stall chai doesn’t bother about the quality and sanitation while making the chai. Unpacked milk which is again not up to the quality standards. Branded tea cafes are way too expensive and do not provide value for money. So Punchiyat decides to provide branded and quality chai to every chai lover at affordable prices. Punchaiyat gives the ambience that every employee loves to spend their break inside the cafe and do not have to worry about the huge bills. Whereas we provide them a safe and quiet environment where they can sit and gossip about their colleagues, HR and of course bosses.

Why Punchaiyat is Different?

What makes the punchaiyat different from other cafes- The punchaiyat is India’s first chai cafe that doesn’t segment their target audience based on their income instead punchaiyat believes in serving chai to every person craving for it as per their preference. Additionally, the punchaiyat provides you an option for customising chai also, for example if someone is having a headache or someone is having a cold. Punchaiyat will make you tea loaded with essential herbs like the way your mother would have made one chai for you.